Chapter One -- Fifteen Years Earlier
Luke's Club, Port Charles, New York

The party was in full swing. L & B's new act, Luther, was a hit. Having opened the show to the general public and charging a small forture for admission, L & B was looking at a promising and financially benefitial second start into the world of music. The dim and smokey atmosphere of the club matched that of the singer's lilting voice and hauntingly sweet music.

Lucy Coe looked around the club pensively. There were so many familiar faces, and she knew none of them were waiting to welcome her to the gala. Maybe she shouldn't have come, she repremanded herself. Maybe she should have stayed at the hotel and ordered room service.

"No. I came to see Luke, and I'm going to see Luke," she whispered. She had been trying to get a hold of her old friend for several days, and no one seemed to know where he was-- his wife Laura included. He would have to be at the club for Brenda and Robin's big opening, though. Lucy just knew it.

Spotting Jason, she made her way through the crowd of people. "Jason! Hi!"

He turned from Robin and gave Lucy a blank look. "Hi."

"Okay, I know you're going to ask me what I want, so I'll get to the point. I need to know where Luke is, and I know you can tell me."

"What do you need to see Luke for?" Jason leaned against the bar and gave her a skeptical look. Even the city's crime lord didn't want to trust her. Bad sign, Lucy, she told herself.

"Well, I've been going nuts trying to track him down, and I figured this party was my best bet." She glanced at Robin. "Not that I didn't come for your opening. I mean, I did. I can always handle a good party."

"Right. Well, you just missed Luke." Jason shrugged. "He took off about an hour ago."

Lucy didn't like the tone of Jason's voice. "Gone... for a short while? Or a long while?"

"Who knows?"

"Well, thank you, Jason," Lucy sighed. "I guess I might as well sit back and enjoy the show, right? Not that I'm looking forward to sitting around feeling sorry for myself."

Robin smiled. "Of course not. Hey, why don't you come sit with Brenda and I? We could always use your expert opinon."

Lucy returned her smile. "Well, thank you, Robin. I think I will." She curled her hair behind her ear and followed Robin and Jason to a table up front. "Maybe this night won't be so bad after all."

Chapter Two

Kevin looked across the table at Eve. He hadn't planned to go to the show with her, but they had both arrived alone and decided to spend the evening together-- as friends. That was all they could ever be, and that was all Kevin wanted. Or needed. Having a friend who would listen was a welcome reprise from the empty silence that had consumed his life since the federal disaster known as his non-wedding to Lucy Coe.

Eve turned her head and looked at Kevin. He was hurting- she could see it. She knew the feeling. Losing Scott had been unbearable. Perhaps that was a distorted comparison. Kevin had done nothing wrong, other than trusting Lucy. Eve, on the other hand, had been careles with the most precious thing in Scott's life. Eve had paid for that thoughtless act, but not nearly as much as Serena had. Kevin was the victim in the broken relationship with Lucy; yet another casulaty left in the wake of the vindictive and malicious Hurricane Lucy.

She smiled at him, praying it would be contagious. "Hey, you want to dance?"

He just looked at her for a minute. His brooding eyes seemed to appraise her or, more specifically, her motives. Finally, he stood. "Sure."

They walked out to the dance floor as a slow love song began to play. Kevin found himself looking into her dark eyes once again. She was so earnest. There was no deceit in her gaze, just pleasure. Peace. It was comforting to Kevin, strangely enough.

She put her hands on his shoulders. "This Luther guy is pretty good, huh?"

Kevin glanced at the stage. "Yeah."

They danced quietly for a few moments. Kevin looked around the club, trying to avoid looking at Eve. If the eyes were the windows to the soul, he didn't want to invite her in. It was a scary place.

"How are you doing?" Eve asked at last.

"Fine," he answered absently. He looked down at the "give me a break" look on her face. "Awful," he relented. "I miss Lucy."

"I understand."

Kevin chuckled softly. "You couldn't possibly. Lucy and I... we had a very unique relationship. We had to overcome so much, and we overcame everything together."

"I understand how it feels to let someone you love go, if only because you know you have to if you ever hope to have peave in your life," she closed her eyes briefly. "Scott and I had something very special, but it's over. I can't sit at his doorstep waiting for him to take me back. I have to move on and live my life. It hurts a lot, even if it is for the best."

"I just can't help wonder if I'm making a huge mistake," Kevin said. "Lucy stood by me through the lowest points of my entire life. She didn't jusgeme or expect anything in return for her incredible devotion." He paused. "That was the Lucy I fell hopelessly in love with. This Lucy, the Lucy that accused and blamed you and lied to me... she's a stranger."

"I'm not going to comment on Lucy's character as of recent," Eve smirked. "but I know what you're saying. I haven't forgotten what she did for Scott and Serena when Rex was wreaking havoc on all of Port Charles."

"I remember what you did, too. You nearly got yourself killed in the process of trying to help us out."

Eve shurgged. "So why did Lucy suddenly turn into judge, juror, and executioner when she thought I could be the killer?"

"Sometimes I don't understand Lucy at all. Lately, I don't know her at all. After that stunt she pulled at Please Point, I don't see any sign of her changing her ways."

"For what it's worth, I think you're being very fair."

"Gee, thanks," Kevin sighed. "Though that doesn't make it any easier."

Eve touched his hair g ently. "It'll all work out, Kevin. You just have to keep faith."

Kevin smiled and, feeling closer to her than he ever had before, kissed her forehead gently. "Your friendship means a lot to me. Thank you."

Across the room, Lucy watched the two with a dark scowl on her face. How could her do that to her? How could he?

She could sense danger in the air. Eve was gaining control of him, and he was vulnerable to her advances. Lucy had to win him back, now more than ever.



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