"From the Man in the Corner"

Kevin. Or Scott. Or Kevin. Or Scott. The intellectual gentleman, or the fun-loving joker. Which man did Eve love? It was the $64,000 question that had been rolling around in her head for the better part of six months, right along with the question of whether or not either man loved her. That seemed to be the way it went. Eve would give her heart, body, and soul to man, and he would reject her and throw her out in the snow. Scott had done that to her once already, just like countless men before him. Maybe that was one of the reasons prostitution gave her such a spiritual life. She could pretend she was loved and wanted without the strings of emotional attachment. She should have learned by now that if one doesn't want to get burned, one should stay away from the fire.

But the fire was so tempting.

Eve finished the chart she had been working on and signed herself out. Free for the evening. Friday night, and absolutely no plans. Clubbing sounded more entertaining than spending the evening alone at home, but she wasn't exactly enthusiastic about going out alone. She didn't have many fellow female friends to name.

"Well, good evening, Eve," Kevin approached the desk. "How are you?"

Eve flashed him one of the smiles she reserved for the men in her heart's eye. "Pretty good. I just got off work, so I am a free woman."

"Congratulations. Listen, could you page Gail for me? I need to consult with her on a personal case I've taken on."

"Oh, of course," Eve's smile dropped a bit. "Business before pleasure for you, huh? No hot date tonight?"

"Not tonight."

Eve made the page and turned back to Kevin. "So, maybe one of these nights you and I could get together for a little dinner or something? I haven't seen much of you lately."

His eyes shifted a bit. "I've been pretty busy taking on some new cases, and the review board is considering reinstating me here at GH."

"Wow, that's great!"

"Yes, I'm pretty happy about it. I'll check my schedule later, and I'll give you a call, okay?"

Eve nodded. "I'll be awaiting your call. Oh, hey, there's Gail. I'll see you later."

Kevin thanked her and turned to speak with Gail. He was such a nice man, and unlike most of the creeps she encountered on a daily basis, he had depth. He fascinated her. She had a feeling that despite the year and a half she had known him, there were still a lot of skeletons in his closet that she had not been introduced to yet.

Eve walked to the elevator and pressed the button just as Scott approached. "Eve."

"Hi, Scott," the butterflies hit her stomach in a blizzard. She had absolutely no idea where she stood with him, or if she stood anywhere. "How are you?"

The two stepped into the elevator. "I've been good," he pressed the button for the ground floor.

"That's good. How's Serena?"

Scott nodded. "She's good, too. She, ah, she wanted me to give you one of her school pictures if I saw you, so..." he pulled out his wallets and slid one of the tiny photos out of the sleeve. "Here you go."

Eve took the picture. "Oh, she looks so adorable! Look at that smile," she glanced at Scott. "She looks just like her daddy when she smiles."

"Well, I have it on good authority that she looks a lot like Dominique in that picture, so I guess you can take your pick."

The elevator chimed and the doors slid open. Eve took a deep breath. "Scott, do you think I could come over some time, and maybe the three of us could go to the zoo or something?"

He gave her a long look. "I think that's a great idea. She misses not seeing you as much."

Eve wondered if there was more to that statement... that Scott missed her too. Or maybe that was just wishful thinking. "Well, I'll see you, Scott."

She turned away from him, still feeling the thrill of being so close to him. The magnetism was still there. Smelling his cologne brought back vivd memories of being in bed with him, of kissing his strong neck, of running her hands through his short hair. She shivered and headed to the staff restroom.

She emerged five minutes later feeling a little bit more like herself. Whoever she was. She stoped at her mailbox and pulled out a few standard memos, an invitation to a lecture on surgical procedures, and an unmarked red envelope.

Curious, she tore it open and pulled out the delicate ivory cardstock. Typed across it was a verse:

Roses are red
Tamales are hot
Do you love Kevin?
Or do you love Scott?

What is this game
That is spinning you 'round?
And why do you let
The pain tie you down?

Now make your choice
Which man do you love?
And ask yourself if
Your own love is enough

I'm waiting here
If you choose the right door
Come into my arms
And you'll be hurt no more.

The Man in the Corner


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